A group of Indian Americans has formed a political action committee to support the Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. The group, Indian-Americans for Trump 2016, registered with the federal election commission on January 21, and will raise support and funds for the controversial hopeful. The Times of India reported that a small section of Indian Americans have moved away from voting for the Democrats, towards the Republican party in the last few years.

The PAC mostly comprises wealthy immigrants from the New York tristate area, with a professor, AD Amar heading the group. Trump so far has said he is self-funding his election and has been against the PAC cultures. His representatives have not commented on the group yet.

The committee president Amar said they believe Trump will become the President of the United States. He added that he believed Trump is the best option for the country now and that Indian Americans will benefit the most from his policies. Trump’s policies on illegal immigration and the economy are reasons why Amar supports him.

The committee’s statement said “many Indian Americans believe he is the best hope for America and the right candidate to be the next president of the United States. The officers of the Indian-Americans for Trump 2016 urge all Americans to join in the effort and support Donald Trump in his endeavour to make America great again by electing him the next President of the USA”.