A group of Hindus in the United States has come together in support of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. In a poster by Hindus For Trump, the billionaire can be seen in a yoga position sitting on something that resembles a lotus with colours of the American flag and embossed with an Om symbol. In Hindu mythology, the deity Vishnu sits in similar fashion on a lotus.

The group has started a Twitter hashtag called #HindusForTrump, listing reasons why the Republican's candidature should be supported. The group also has a Facebook page, where the real estate magnate’s achievements are highlighted, reported Huffington Post. Hindus for Trump president AD Amar, who is a business professor at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, said the Republican hopeful’s policies on illegal immigration and the economy were the main reasons why Indian-Americans should support him.

In January, a group of Indian-Americans had formed a political action committee to support Trump. Called Indian-Americans for Trump 2016, it registered with the federal election commission to raise support and funds for the controversial candidate. The PAC mostly comprises wealthy immigrants from the New York tristate area, and is also headed by Amar.