Students began protests again at Hyderabad University on Wednesday, demanding Vice Chancellor Podile Appa Rao’s resignation. NDTV reported that the students tried to get past heavy security and barricades to reach Rao’s office, and that around 70 people were detained. This comes nearly two weeks after 27 people were arrested for protests (pictured above) held at the campus on March 23. The university was just ranked among the country’s best in a list put together by the Centre.

Besides asking for Rao’s resignation, students also demanded that he be kept out of the committee to select an ombudsman for the university. The institute will appoint an omdusman, an anti-discrimination officer, and start an Equal Opportunity Cell. The protests against Rao come after he returned to the university following a two-month break he took when Rohith Vemula’s suicide sparked a controversy. Rao was accused of being involved in circumstances that led to Vemula’s death and in the university’s decision to suspend him and four other students.