Three car bombs in Baghdad, claimed by the Islamic State, killed at least 94 people on Wednesday. The biggest attack was at a busy market in Sadr City, where a car bomb went off, killing at least 64 people, AFP reported. A second suicide car bomb was detonated at the entrance of Kadhimiya, a northwestern Baghdad neighbourhood that houses an important Shia shrine. Around 17 people died in the second strike. The third bomb went off in Jamea district in western Baghdad and killed at least 13 people.

Around 150 people were injured in the attacks. Many members of security forces were also among those killed and injured, sources told AFP. The bombings have been the worst attacks of the year in Iraq. Islamic State released an online statement claiming responsibility for all three and said they were carried out by suicide bombers.

The attacks were condemned by the Iraq government and United Nations. UN envoy in Iraq, Jan Kubis, said, “These are cowardly terrorist attacks on civilians who have done nothing but going about their normal daily lives.”