E-commerce website Flipkart has brought down the window of its return policy from 30 days to 10 days. It has also asked sellers to pay higher commissions, as a result of which customers will have to shell out more to make purchases on the website.

Sellers were apparently unhappy with the 30-day return policy because they had to incur all the logistical charges, including return shipping. This also stemmed from customers’ unfair reasoning behind wanting to return items, The Economic Times reported.

These policy changes will lead to a 9% spike in prices on Flipkart. However, the company claims sellers will now have more control over their logistics and expenses and will be able to offer a “better customer experience.” In addition to this policy revision, Flipkart has also dropped its Zero+ commission policy, under which a select group of sellers was allowed to advertise on the website for a fee, was not charged a commission and could only offer free shipping.

The 10-day return policy comes into effect from June 20, but the 30-day policy will continue to apply for some items such as clothing, footwear, watches, jewellery, etc. The move comes on the heels of rival e-commerce site Amazon’s return policy revision, through which it reduced the window for some items to 10 days and decided that electronics and some other items can only be exchanged.