In a seemingly indirect reference to controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said, “…Preachers of hate and violence are threatening the fabric of our society”. While addressing students at the University of Nairobi in Kenya, he urged youths to take part in fighting “extremist ideologies”, The Indian Express reported.

The prime minister is in Kenya on the last leg of his four-nation tour in Africa. He added, “We must condemn those who give shelter to terrorists and use them as political instruments.”

Naik has faced criticism since it emerged that one of the militants behind the attack at a café in Dhaka was inspired by his speeches aired on his channel Peace TV. It was reported earlier on Monday that he had called off his plans to return to India from Saudi Arabia, a day after his international Islamic channel was banned in Bangladesh.

In a statement on Monday, Naik criticised the “media trial” against him and said his comments were being taken “out of context”. “I do not support terrorism or violence…I have never supported any terrorist organisations,” Naik said.

While he said no Indian agency had contacted him regarding its inquiry into his connection with the Dhaka attack, he said he was ready to cooperate with any investigation, NDTV reported. “It would be my pleasure to cooperate with any official Indian government investigation agency for any information they might require from me,” he said.