West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that her government will tear down Tata Motors' Nano factory sheds in Singur if the company does not comply with the recent Supreme Court order to take down the structures within two days, The Times of India reported. She said there was no trouble between the state and the firm, which can continue with its other operations in West Bengal.

Banerjee said on Monday, "They [Tatas] have taken it sportingly. We requested them to invest in Bengal." The state's finance minister, Amit Mitra, has been asked to communicate with Tata officials.

Vowing to follow the Supreme Court order in its entirety, Banerjee said a massive rally will be held on September 14 in Singur, and cheques will be distributed to farmers who did not claim compensation for the loss of their land. A monthly dole of Rs 2,000 will be provided to the farmers who refused to give up their rights to the land till their property was returned.

The Trinamool Congress chief further said that 620 acres was being surveyed, and 9,117 land deeds were being prepared for the farmers. According to TMC officials, the government has received 950 applications demanding compensation and return of land so far, The Economic Times reported. Moreover, farmers can decide whether to put the land to industrial or agricultural use once the plots are returned to them, Banerjee said.

The Singur agitation started in 2006. It was soon picked up by Banerjee as a way to attack the then ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist), whose government had facilitated the land acquisition deal for the Tata Nano plant. In 2008, the agitation resulted in Tata pulling out of Singur and moving to Gujarat.