Deutsche Bank shares dropped below the €10 mark on Friday for the first time in history, reported The Telegraph. The shares plunged following reports that the bank's clients, including major hedge funds, had withdrawn billions from the bank, The Wall Street Journal reported. Germany's biggest lender's shares suffered after it was issued several fines for wrongdoing and faced a major revenue loss, Reuters reported.

In a damage control bid, Deutsche Bank issued a memo to its employees to reassure them of the bank's position and to guide them on dealing with customer queries about its battered share prices.

The uncertainty, however, trickled down to Asian markets where shares traded lower after investors were skeptical about the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries plant to limit oil production. The decline in shares hit currency and bond markets too, causing the euro to fall to a two-month low of 1.081 against the Swiss franc.

The bank's American depository concluded trade with a decline of 6.7% on Thursday, while its shares in Germany slipped by 7.6% on Friday morning, The Wall Street Journal reported.