The country's first election museum was inaugurated at the chief electoral officer's premises in Delhi on Tuesday, The Times of India reported. Chief Election Commissioner Dr Nasim Zaidi inaugurated the facility, which showcases the country's electoral legacy through around 200 exhibits. The "Journey Through Elections" centre will be open to the public through an online booking facility, Hindustan Times reported.

With three sections including a library, exhibits at the museum include old ballot boxes, bottles of indelible ink, election results from various decades, maps, and a section on pre-Independence election data, with items like an electoral roll of 1923 written in Urdu. A section curated by the National Gandhi Museum showcases Mahatma Gandhi's idea of democracy.

Zaidi said, "Gandhiji’s message about how even the poor can be powerful in a democracy is displayed through this fascinating museum. Most of the information has been taken from text books so that students can relate to it. The idea is to create informed and ethical voters," The Indian Express reported.

Delhi's Chief Electoral Officer Chandra Bhushan Kumar said, "This museum has been set up with help and guidance from the election commission, Delhi archives, ministry of information and broadcasting, and the National Gandhi Museum. We will also screen a film, The Great Experiment, on the 1952 election." He added that there were some very interesting stories, including one about a tiger entering a voting booth, and one of how some had wanted to vote for former chief election commissioner Sukumar Sen.