The State Bank of India on Sunday announced that more than 6.29 lakh debit cards were dispatched on October 26,to replace the cards affected by the malware-related security breach, The Times of India reported. The large-scale exercise has reportedly broken all records of card replacement in Indian banking. The bank said 95.5% of the blocked cards had been sent via courier.

The bank's corporate strategy and new business deputy managing director, Manju Agarwal, said, "For the rest [of the customers affected], we are trying to get their contact details because they failed to update their information with the respective branch. Such customers can also approach the branch to get their details updated and get a new card."

Banks across the country, including the State Bank of India, are facing a massive security breach, with cards belonging to customers from 19 different institutions being swiped without their knowledge. Experts said it was a malware attack, and 32 lakh users have been asked to get replacement debit cards. The Centre said it would take action against the perpetrators and that there was no need to panic.