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I think it was Russia: Donald Trump on outside involvement in the US presidential elections

The Republican said he had no dealings with Russia and denied reports that the country had compromising information on him.

United States President-elect Donald Trump has for the first time acknowledged that Russia could have been involved in Democratic Party email hackings before the presidential elections. At the first press conference he had given in nearly six months, he said, “I think it was Russia,” when asked who was responsible for the email leaks during his campaign. “But we also get hacked by other countries and other people... The Democratic National Convention was totally open to be hacked. They did a totally poor job.” He added that he believed Russia would have released damaging information about him had they obtained such information.

Till Wednesday’s press conference, Trump had consistently denied intelligence reports suggesting Russian interference in the elections.

His meeting with the media came after reports had said that American intelligence agencies claimed that Russia had compromising information on him. The president-elect started off his conference by saying that he has “great respect” for the news and freedom of speech but that it had been irresponsible of a few news organisations to run “false reports”. Trump thanked the agencies that did not publish these reports on Russian operatives that allegedly had such information on him, though he said the “nonsense” was released by “maybe the intelligence agencies, who knows, maybe the intelligence agencies”.

The president-elect also said he had no dealings in Russia. “If Putin likes Donald Trump, guess what folks, that’s called an asset, not a liability… Do you honestly believe that Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me? Does anybody really believe that?” Trump is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump’s opponent for the presidential post Hillary Clinton had often brought up the point during her campaign and in debates.

The businessman-turned-president also said he has not released his income tax returns as “you know, they are under audit”. In October 2016, a report had said the multi-millionaire could have avoided paying taxes for up to 18 years. One of his lawyers also addressed the press conference, claiming that the Republican politician will be “completely isolated from management of his company” The Trump Organization. “The conflicts of interest laws simply do not apply to the president and the vice president,” she said. The company will also not sign any foreign deals during Trump’s presidency.

Earlier, intelligence had claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to help Republican candidate Donald Trump win the presidential elections. The report, prepared by Office of the Director of National Intelligence, says Putin ordered an “influence campaign” to “undermine public faith” in democracy and disparage Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton so that voters would see her as the poorer choice.

Other points Trump made at the conference:

  • He spoke about the wall he had announced will be built along the US-Mexico border and said its construction will soon start. “I don’t wanna wait. Mike Pence is leading an effort to get final approval...Mexico in some form will reimburse us...that will happen.”
  • “Obamacare is a complete and total disaster. We will submit a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare as soon as health secretary is approved.”
  • He said that other countries will “respect us far more, far more than they did under past administrations.”
  • “Within 90 days we will be coming up with a major report on hacking defence, how do we stop this new phenomenon.”
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The pioneering technologies that will govern the future of television

Home entertainment systems are set to get even more immersive.

Immersive experience is the core idea that ties together the next generation of cinematic technologies. Cutting edge technologies are now getting integrated into today’s home entertainment systems and challenging the limits of cinematic immersion previously achievable in a home setting. Here’s what you should know about the next generation of TVs that will grace your home.

OLED Technology – the new visual innovation in TVs

From the humble, grainy pictures of cathode ray tube TVs to the relatively clarity of LED and LCD displays, TVs have come a long way in improving picture quality over the years. The logical next step in this evolution is OLED displays, a technology that some of the best smartphones have adopted. While LED and LCD TVs make use of a backlight to illuminate their pixels, in OLED displays the pixels themselves emit light. To showcase darkest shades in a scene, the relevant OLED pixels simply don’t light up, creating a shade darker than has ever been possible on backlighted display. This pixel-by-pixel control of brightness across the screen produces an incomparable contrast, making each colour and shade stand out clearly. OLED displays show a contrast ratio considerably higher than that of LED and LCD displays. An OLED display would realise its full potential when supplemented with HDR, which is crucial for highlighting rich gradient and more visual details. The OLED-HDR combo is particularly advantageous as video content is increasingly being produced in the HDR format.

Dolby Atmos – the sound system for an immersive experience

A home entertainment system equipped with a great acoustic system can really augment your viewing experience far beyond what you’re used to. An exciting new development in acoustics is the Dolby Atmos technology, which can direct sound in 3D space. With dialogue, music and background score moving all around and even above you, you’ll feel like you’re inside the action! The clarity and depth of Dolby Atmos lends a sense of richness to even the quieter scenes.

The complete package

OLED technology provides an additional aesthetic benefit. As the backlight is done away with completely, the TV gets even more sleek, so you can immerse yourself even more completely in an intense scene.

LG OLED TV 4K is the perfect example of how the marriage of these technologies can catapult your cinematic experience to another level. It brings the latest visual innovations together to the screen – OLED, 4K and Active HDR with Dolby Vision. Be assured of intense highlights, vivid colours and deeper blacks. It also comes with Dolby Atmos and object-based sound for a smoother 360° surround sound experience.

The LG OLED TV’s smart webOS lets you fully personalise your TV by letting you save your most watched channels and content apps. Missed a detail? Use the Magic Zoom feature to zoom in on the tiniest details of your favourite programs. You can now watch TV shows and movies shot in 4K resolution (Narcos, Mad Max: Fury Road, House of cards and more!) as they were meant to be watched, in all their detailed, heart-thumping glory. And as 4K resolution and Dolby Atmos increasingly become the preferred standard in filmmaking, TVs like LG OLED TV that support these technologies are becoming the future cinephiles can look forward to. Watch the video below for a glimpse of the grandeur of LG OLED TV.


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