The Supreme Court has decided to hear all petitions challenging the Tamil Nadu law revoking the ban on jallikattu on January 30, ANI reported. An apex court bench will hear the pleas filed by the Animal Welfare Board of India and other bodies, all challenging the Bill passed by the Tamil Nadu Assembly on Monday to replace an earlier ordinance and end the ban on the bull-taming sport.

The AWBI and other animal rights organisations, such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have been monitoring the legal developments in the jallikattu debate. On January 20, AWBI board member Anjali Sharma said they would wait for a resolution to be proposed before voting to challenge the ordinance, The Times of India reported. “A resolution will be moved before the board members,” Sharma had said. “Let us see how many board members support it.”

Normalcy has returned to Tamil Nadu after week-long protests against the ban on jallikattu. On Tuesday, the National Human Rights Commission issued notices regarding the Tamil Nadu Police’s use of force against protestors. On Monday, police in Chennai and other parts of the state had reportedly baton-charged several agitators, including ones at Marina Beach.

Questions have been raised regarding police action, especially after a video of officers purportedly setting fire to an auto in Tamil Nadu went viral. While a state minister had denied that the police used any force against protestors, Opposition parties questioned action by security personnel. A massive number of officers had been deployed to quell the demonstrations in Chennai on Monday.