A look at headlines in the sector right now:

  1. Wind power tariff falls to record low of Rs 3.46 per unit at first auction: The current average feed-in-tariff is Rs 5 per kilowatt hour.
  2. Director of Ringing Bells, the company that made Freedom 251 phones, detained by police: Mohit Goel was arrested on fraud charges filed by a Ghaziabad-based company.
  3. Your success does not excuse your tolerance for harassment, early Uber investors tell company: Mitch and Freada Kapor said they were disappointed that the firm had ‘selected a team of insiders’ to investigate claims of sexism made by a former employee.
  4. China made a mistake by not hiring more Indian talent in science and technology, says state-run media: Because of lower labour costs in India, high-tech firms have been turning their attention there, the column said.
  5. Homestay aggregator Stayzilla halts operations, to restart with different business model: Company co-founder Yogendra Vasupal said the overall cost of doing business in India was one of the reasons behind the decision.
  6. GDP for Q4 2016 to slow to a three-year low of 6.4% because of demonetisation, suggests Reuters poll: At least 12 of the 34 economists surveyed said the move would affect economic activity in the country for the first half of 2017.
  7. Google sues Uber for allegedly stealing trade secrets and technology of self-driven cars: The lawsuit alleges that Otto’s co-founder Anthony Levandowski had downloaded 14,000 confidential files before he resigned from Google.