The Centre should draft a strict law against triple talaq, similar to the one against sati, the All India Shia Personal Law Board said on Monday. The board’s comments came a day after the All India Muslim Personal Law Board had said that members of the community found misusing the Islamic practice of triple talaq would face social boycott.

“The need of the hour is to enact a strict law agains triple talaq in one go that is similar to the anti-sati law to prevent any Muslim woman from getting victimised and ensure that the culprit is punished,” the board’s spokesperson Maulana Yasoob Abbas told PTI. The practice of Sati was banned under Bengal Sati Regulation, 1829. The Sati (Prevention) Act 1987, seeks to prevent the practice and its glorification.

The board had earlier appealed to the Muslim law board to keep the Quran, Sharia and humanity in mind before arriving on any decision on the issue of triple talaq. “In the Shia community, there has been no place for triple talaq in one go,” Abbas had said on April 15, adding that many Muslim countries have already put an end to the practice.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board in its meeting on Sunday had asserted that it had the “constitutional” right to implement Muslim personal law, including triple talaq. On April 11, the Centre had urged the Supreme Court to to declare the Islamic practices of triple talaq, nikah halala and polygamy inconsistent with Muslim women’s fundamental right to life and dignity.