A look at the headlines right now:

  1. 2012 Delhi gangrape ‘was committed with the highest viciousness’, says Supreme Court in its verdict: ‘The incident shook the collective conscience of the society,’ Justice Banumati said of the ‘gruesome’ assault.
  2. Assam government to review phase-wise withdrawal of Armed Forces Act from the state: The Centre has extended Assam’s ‘disturbed area’ tag for three more months, instead of the usual six.
  3. French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign hit by ‘massive and coordinated’ hacking: Thousands of emails, photos and documents were uploaded on the internet.
  4. Centre wants Kashmir to take action against cable operators airing unauthorised Pakistani channels: A senior official said these channels were beamed with the aim to spread anti-India propaganda in the Valley.
  5. India launches its communications satellite for South Asia, which Pakistan had snubbed: Experts say this is the first time India has launched a satellite with a clear foreign policy agenda, as against a commercial, defence or scientific one.
  6. CIA, South Korea tried to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, says North Korea: The ministry said US and Seoul were supporting a ‘terrorist group’ which had planned to stage an attack against the leader using ‘bio-chemical substances’.
  7. Vogue Editor Anna Wintour made a Dame Commander by Queen Elizabeth II: The 67-year-old journalist is one of the most influential names in the fashion world.
  8. State-level tax check posts will not be operational from July 1 after GST rollout: Excise collections points will remain as they are related to taxation on alcohol, Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia said.
  9. Pakistan claims Afghan troops fired at its census team on the border and killed several people: Kabul’s Police said the country was using the population survey as a cover for its ‘malicious activities’.
  10. President approves ordinance that gives RBI, public sector banks more power to tackle bad loans: The new law gives the central bank the freedom to relax some guidelines if required, so the money can be recovered faster.