reporter M Rajshekhar (above left) on Friday received a Shriram Award for Excellence in Financial Journalism. This is Rajshekhar’s fourth Shriram award. He had also won last year, along with colleague Mridula Chari.

Reporter Mayank Jain (above right) was also shortlisted for the award for an article on how industry in India has slowed down, though the government has denied it.

Rajshekhar received the award for an article on the massive debt in Tamil Nadu. He looked at why farmers were so deeply in debt and pointed out that those in other professions like fishing and industry were also borrowing from moneylenders.

Jain was shortlisted from more than 2,200 entries this year, the Shriram Group said. He was also nominated for a series of pieces examining the cash crunch in the Indian Railways, ahead of the Railway Budget last year, and the problems the sector faced, as complaints against them piled up.

Both of them also had two pieces each on the shortlist for the “sectoral issues” category.

The Shriram Awards for Excellence in Financial Journalism are presented on behalf of the Shriram Group. They were instituted by Shriram Capital Limited with The Institute for Financial Management and Research. This year, the fifth edition of the awards, were held the Trident in Mumbai.