Bangladesh evacuated lakhs of residents late Monday and early Tuesday as Cyclone Mora bore down upon its eastern coast. The tropical storm, which had formed after torrential rainfall in Sri Lanka killed more than 150 people, made landfall between Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong on Tuesday morning.

The cyclone will first hit the areas of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Noakhali, Lakshmipur, Feni and Chandpur. It is expected to bring very heavy rain to the region, which has severe floods every year. The Bangladesh Disaster Management Department has set up 3,800 relief centres, CNN reported. Around 1 crore Bangladeshis live on its coasts, out of a population of around 16 crore, Reuters reported. Mora is likely to bring winds up to 100 km and hour and cause flooding of four to five feet in some areas.

The storm is also likely to cause heavy rainfall in parts of West Bengal and India’s North East region. The Mizoram government, on Monday evening, had issued a warning for May 30 and 31, NDTV reported. The notice said the state could face flash flooding and landslides owing to the rain, and advised residents to stay indoors. India’s Navy said it is prepared to provide aid to Bangladesh once the cyclone hits. The Southwest Monsoon is also expected to hit India on Tuesday, when it reaches its western coast in Kerala.