Rock am Ring, one of the most popular rock festivals in Germany, was shut down on its opening night on Friday by German authorities, who claimed to have received a “concrete” terrorist threat, reported AP. The festival grounds were cleared by 9.30 pm, about half an hour after the people were asked to leave, the report added.

Joachim Winkler, the Rhineland-Palatinate government spokesman, said they had received intel about a possible terrorist attack and decided to shut down the event as a precautionary measure.

Marek Lieberberg, the organiser of the annual three-day fest, said he hoped the festival would be able to resume on Saturday as planned. However, there was no clarity yet, he added.

The German band Rammstein was supposed to headline the event on Friday. The band had not yet started playing. Around 90,000 fans are expected during the weekend at the festival being held outside the western town of Nuerburg. Over 85 bands were scheduled to play at the event.