Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump vowed to fight terrorism and further the Indo-US economic partnership in short statements given after an official meeting in the White House on Monday. Calling himself a “true friend” of India, Trump also announced to the world that he and Modi are “world leaders in social media.” Modi, meanwhile, said that his vision of a New India and Trump’s slogan promising to Make America Great Again had “great synergies.”

Modi is currently on a visit to Washington, DC, a trip that includes four hours spent at the White House on Monday. Officials from both sides accompanied Trump and Modi to delegation-level talks in the morning, followed by a one-on-one between the two in the Oval Room. The two leaders then read out prepared statements in the Rose Garden, before returning to a “working dinner” in the White House.

In the statements that were read out, both leaders lauded the progress in building ties between the countries and listed out a number of areas in which both could expect to move forward. Trump appreciated Modi’s efforts to fight corruption and overhaul the tax code, but added that he hoped import barriers for American goods going to India would be dropped. Modi, meanwhile, said that India would work with the US to increase security in the region, including in Afghanistan as well as from a maritime perspective.

“During my campaign I pledged if elected India will have true friend in White House and that’s now exactly what you have – a true friend,” Trump said while speaking to the press. The White House seemed to bear this out by declaring Syed Salahuddin, chief of the Kashmiri separatist group Hizbul Mujahideen, as a specially designated terrorist just hours before the Trump-Modi meeting.

Modi invited Trump and his family to visit India, and spoke about expanding trade relations between the two countries so that they can become bigger global engines of growth. He added that “destroying terrorists and safe havens will be our aim. Eliminating terrorism is among the top-most priorities for both nations.”