The Jawaharlal Nehru University has issued a circular asking PhD and MPhil students to add Hindi titles to their research work in addition to the English ones they usually have. The JNU administration said the move was aimed at tracking the review of theses and dissertations online.

Assistant Registrar (Evaluation) Sajjan Singh told that the circular had been issued as per the Centre’s guidelines “that require marksheets and degrees to be bilingual”.

JNU Students’ Union General Secretary Satarupa Chakraborty told that the circular was issued “either today or yesterday [Tuesday]”.

“Today [Wednesday] is the last date for submission [of research work], and this will be a problem for the large number of students who do not come from Hindi-speaking backgrounds,” she said. “We also question the intention behind this circular and have raised the issue with the deans of several schools.”

Credit: Satarupa Chakraborty
Credit: Satarupa Chakraborty

Chakraborty has been tagging her social media posts on the subject with #ResistHindiImpositionInJNU. “We are ensuring that students are not forced to write the titles of their research theses and dissertation in Hindi.”