A look at the headlines in the sector right now:

  1. Bank services hit as 10 lakh employees go on strike against government’s proposed reforms: Over 12 lakh financial instruments, including foreign exchange transactions, cheque clearance and sanctioning of loans, were affected. 
  2. Centre puts imports of urad and moong dal under restricted category: The Directorate General of Foreign Trade said this import restriction will not apply to countries with whom India has bilateral and regional agreements.   
  3. Google launches ‘safer, smarter and sweeter’ Android Oreo: A revamped notification panel and better battery life are among the update’s new features.
  4. Sensex, Nifty end marginally higher after shaky trading session: The shares of Infosys rose in early hours after falling continuously for two days.
  5. Johnson & Johnson to pay $417 million to woman who claimed she got cancer from using its baby powder: Eva Echeverria said she used the talc from the 1950s till 2016.  
  6. BSE to compulsorily delist 200 firms tomorrow, bar their promoters from the market for 10 years: The stock exchange said that of the 200 companies, 117 have remained suspended from the market for 10 years.   
  7. Artificial intelligence experts urge UN to impose curbs on autonomous weapons: ‘These can be weapons of terror, weapons that terrorists use against innocent populations, and weapons hacked to behave in undesirable ways,’ they said.