Hurricane Irma has killed at least 10 people in Cuba so far, the Cuban government said on Monday. They were killed in the territories of Havana, Matanzas, Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila, The Guardian said quoting Cuban civil defence authorities. At least 28 others died in the Caribbean over the weekend.

On Monday, heavy rain caused by Irma led to massive flooding in several cities in northern Florida. The rising sea level also contributed. The hurricane, downgraded to a tropical storm, ripped the roofs off several homes, causing power outages in 60 lakh homes, or 62% of the state. Power supply was also cut in Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama in the United States, reported Reuters.

“Stay inside. Go up. Not out,” the website of the Jacksonville administration in Florida warned citizens. “There is flooding throughout the city and more rain is expected.”

People have fled the Florida Keys region in about two dozen vehicles since Sunday. The vehicles have now lined up near the entrance to a highway that connects the archipelago to the United States mainland. Inspection teams are working to clear the bridges on the highway after the floods.

Officials in Monroe County, where the Keys are located, said that most of the islands still lacked electricity, running water, fuel and mobile phone services. “For many people, supplies are running low and anxiety is running high,” the county said in a statement. “Once the roads are cleared, and the bridges are inspected for use, aid and relief can start to move.”