A look at the headlines right now:

  1. Congress wins Gurdaspur bye-poll in Punjab: The party’s candidate Sunil Jakhar said the numbers were a message for the Narendra Modi government.
  2. India is a strong nation under Narendra Modi, not weak anymore, says Rajnath Singh: The home minister said this new strength helped in resolving the standoff with China at Doklam.
  3. At least 189 killed in car explosions in Mogadishu: The President has declared three days of national mourning.
  4. Supreme Court refuses to ban Kancha Ilaiah’s new book on the Arya-Vyasa community: The court said that the author’s right fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression must not be curbed.
  5. Recent reforms will revive jobs, Indian economy on ‘very solid track’, says IMF chief: Meanwhile, Niti Aayog’s Rajiv Kumar said the economy will grow 6.9%-7% this fiscal year.
  6. Three arrested in Faridabad for assaulting a group suspected of carrying beef: The police arrested them with the help of a video clip of the incident, and after it was found that buffalo meat was what was being transported.
  7. Jain religious leader arrested for raping 19-year-old girl in Surat: Thousands of people from the community had gathered outside the police station on Saturday alleging that the complaint was a ploy to defame their leader.
  8. 24 passengers fall ill after eating on Goa-Mumbai Tejas Express: They were taken to a hospital in Ratnagiri district.
  9. Trump needs another hug from Modi, Rahul Gandhi says as the US president warms up to Pakistan: The US president on Saturday said Washington was beginning to build a better relationship with Pakistan and its leaders.
  10. RBI refuses to disclose why new banknotes advertise Swachh Bharat mission: The central bank cited a section of the RTI Act that allows for secrecy if some information could pose a threat to national security or foreign relations.