Inflation in India, which is calculated based on the Wholesale Price Index, eased to 2.60% year on year in September, government data showed on Monday. The figure had risen to a four-month high of 3.24% in August.

A lower increase in wholesale food prices in September largely contributed to the decline in inflation. While wholesale prices of food rose by 4.41% in August, the figure declined to 1.99% in September.

Inflation in wholesale prices declined in the primary articles category from 2.66% in August to 0.15% in September. Primary articles include food articles, cereals, paddy, wheat, pulses, fruits, milk, eggs, meat, non-food items and minerals.

The figure also dropped in the fuel and power category – from 9.99% in August to 9.01% in September. However, the fall in the inflation rate of petrol and high speed diesel prices was offset by a near fourfold rise in the inflation rate of Liquefied Petroleum Gas from 5.33% in August to 20.75% in September.

The Wholesale Price Index-based inflation for manufactured products rose from 2.45% in August to 2.72% in September.