A look at the headlines right now:

  1. India and US stand shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism, says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: He said India may become the second-largest economy by 2050.
  2. ‘There is no discrimination in Ram Rajya,’ says Uttar Pradesh CM Adityanath in Ayodhya: Governor Ram Naik said the chief minister had promised to implement all schemes for Ayodhya within two years.
  3. CBI to look into claims by US detective that Rajiv Gandhi government sabotaged inquiry in Bofors case: During an interview, Michael Hershman had claimed that he was offered bribes to stop the investigation three times.
  4. Narendra Modi should accept that note ban was a mistake, says Kamal Haasan: The actor apologised for supporting demonetisation when it was announced in November 2016.
  5. Jawaharlal Nehru University teachers’ association initiates public inquiry against vice chancellor: The association gave M Jagdeesh Kumar three days to respond to the charges against him.
  6. It’s a ‘new era’ of Chinese power, President Xi Jinping says at Communist Party meet: The closed-door summit, which takes place once in five years, decides who will rule China and comes up with a plan for country for the next term.
  7. India, other allies must stop weapons transfer to Myanmar, says Amnesty International on Rohingya crisis: The non-profit has alleged that Burmese authorities have indulged in a ‘systematic, organised and ruthless’ campaign of violence.
  8. Activists say Jharkhand minister’s statement on Aadhaar use in ration shops misleading: Santoshi Kumari died on September 28 after her family was denied food rations because they did not have an Aadhaar-linked ration card.
  9. Government lacks ‘brain power’ to understand importance of innovation, says entrepreneur Sam Pitroda: The telecom inventor emphasised on the need for innovation to create jobs in India.
  10. Folk singer Harshita Dahiya shot dead in Panipat: The police suspect that the 22-year-old Delhi resident was killed because of personal enmity.