Hong Kong’s top court, the Court of Final Appeal, on Tuesday granted bail to two pro-democracy activists, Reuters reported. Hong Kong’s appeals court had jailed Joshua Wong and Nathan Law, leaders of the Chinese-ruled city’s 2014 democracy protests, in August.

Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma granted Wong and Law a bail of HK $50,000 each (Rs 4.16 lakh each). The two activists can now appeal their jail sentences.

The two activists had been imprisoned along with former student union leader Alex Chow Yong-kang, for storming government headquarters during a democracy protest. The protest had led to a 79-day occupation of major roads in Hong Kong in 2014, the South China Morning Post reported.

All three activists had completed their non-custodial sentences, handed down by a magistrate in 2016. But the Hong Kong government sought a review of the verdict, following which the Court of Appeals jailed the trio. While two of these student leaders have now been released, Chow has not yet applied for bail.