Weeks after the launch of its Galaxy Note8 smartphone, Samsung’s Spanish unit said it distributed 200 free handsets of the model to passengers in a flight on Monday. This comes a year after the previous model, Note7, had to be recalled and prohibited from being carried in flights after several reports of its batteries catching fire.

The handset boxes were accompanied by a note that said: “A year ago, we asked you to turn it off. We welcome you today on board.”

The Iberia flight was travelling from Madrid to A Coruña, according to a YouTube user who uploaded a video of passengers in the flight.


The Samsung Galaxy Note8 went on sale in several countries on September 15.

Pre-orders had hit record levels for the Note series, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd claimed last month. The company was compelled to declare an international recall of 2.5 million units of the Galaxy Note7 in September 2016 after several incidents of the phone exploding were reported.