The Danish Police on Monday said that inventor Peter Madsen has admitted that he dismembered the body of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, whose decapitated head and body parts were found earlier, according to AFP. Wall had disappeared in August after Madsen took her out to sea in his homemade submarine.

Madsen told the police that Wall died of carbon monoxide poisoning. “Furthermore, Madsen has admitted that he later dismembered her corpse and spread the body parts in Koge Bay,” a police statement said.

However, Madsen has denied killing Wall. The inventor was supposed to appear in a Copenhagen court on Tuesday but will now remain in custody till November 15, the BBC reported.

Earlier, Madsen had claimed that the journalist died when a a heavy submarine hatch accidentally fell on her head.

On October 3, the public prosecutor in the case told a court in Copenhagen that Madsen had video footage on his computer that showed women being killed by strangulation and decapitation. Public Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen told the court that DNA tests from Madsen’s face, nails and neck matched with Wall’s DNA.

New evidence from an autopsy shows that Wall was stabbed in her rib cage and genitals “around or shortly after her death”, the prosecutor told the court. All the evidence put together add to the case against the Danish inventor, he said.