Samsung on Sunday rolled out a minute-long advertisement mocking Apple fans and the long queues they wait in, just as its rival released its latest iPhone X worldwide.

The ad, titled ‘Growing up’, shows a long-time Apple fan growing tired of his iPhone models disappointing him over a decade, while his friend is shown enjoying the features of different Samsung models.


Starting in 2007, the ad mocks the iPhones’ smaller screens, lack of storage space, poor water resistance, charging methods and the absence of a headphones jack. It then highlights the bigger screens, styluses and wireless charging, among other features, of Samsung phones.

The iPhone fan finally gives up, buys a Samsung Galaxy Note8 and walks past people queued to buy the iPhone X.

This new ad speaks directly to millions of Americans ready to upgrade their smartphones, Adweek quoted Samsung as saying. “The ad underscores why so many are choosing Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note8 as their next smartphone,” the company said.

Samsung recently released another ad about the quality of the display of its devices, around the time reports about issues with Google Pixel 2’s display did the rounds.

The Galaxy Note8 was launched in September, about a year after the previous model, Note7, had to be recalled following several reports of its battery catching fire. Samsung is trying innovative ways to advertise the new handset after the Note7 fiasco, and its Spanish unit even distributed 200 free handsets of the model to passengers in a flight last month.