The Central Bureau of Investigation on Thursday said that the Class 11 student who was apprehended in connection with the murder of a Class 2 student in Gurugram’s Ryan International School has confessed to the crime, ANI reported. The agency submitted its remand copy in court on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the CBI had said that the Class 11 student had attacked the boy with the hope that the incident would force the school to postpone examinations and a parent-teacher meeting. The CBI checked the suspect’s academic performance and found that he was not performing well.

The father of the Class 11 student said there was a conspiracy to frame his son. The family of the victim accused the Gurugram Police of botching up the investigation, and said that all others involved in the “deep-rooted conspiracy” should be brought to justice.

Meanwhile, the bus conductor, who was earlier arrested for allegedly murdering the Class 2 student, has been absolved of the charge. The CBI had also dismissed the earlier theory that the boy was sexually assaulted before being killed.

The case

The Class 2 student was found with his throat slit inside the toilet on September 8. An autopsy revealed that injuries on the boy’s neck, inflicted by a sharp-edged weapon, were the cause of death. The bus conductor was arrested later that day. There are also allegations against the Ryan Group school of violating security norms.