Facebook has merged its Messenger Day and Facebook Stories features into one, called “Stories”, the social media company said on Monday. The two features let users create reels of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

The stories that the users posted using these features were earlier visible only on either the Messenger or the Facebook app, depending on where they were posted. The merged feature will allow the stories to be cross-posted on both simultaneously.

The viewing history will also be synced across the two apps, according to Tech Crunch. This means a story already viewed on one app will show as viewed on the other as well.

“Any photos or videos you add to your Stories will appear on both Facebook and Messenger, and will be shared with the same audience across both,” Facebook said in a post.

Explaining why it was merging the two, Facebook said: “We heard from people that they would often share on Facebook or Messenger, save the photo or video, and then post to the other. Now, it’s quicker and easier to capture and share moments as they happen with the people you care about most!”

Facebook first launched Stories in February, after Instagram Stories got over 150 million users daily in just five months after being introduced in August 2016.