The infant who was found alive after being declared dead by Max Hospital in New Delhi died on Wednesday at a private nursing home, The Hindu reported. “Yesterday, the doctors told us he was critical and around 12:30 pm today, they told us he was no more,” the infant’s uncle Deepak said.

On Sunday, Max Hospital terminated the services of two doctors who were involved in erroneously declaring the newborn dead on November 29. But the infant’s father, Ashish Kumar, said on Wednesday that he would not take the child’s body until the doctors were arrested, PTI reported.

The baby and his twin sister were born at the hospital on November 30. But the hospital said that the premature twins were stillborn. When the parents were on their way to a crematorium to perform their last rites, they found that the boy was still alive, and rushed him to another hospital.

“We just learnt of the sad demise of the 23-week preterm baby, who was on ventilator support,” Max Hospital said according to PTI. “Our deepest condolences are with the parents and other family members. While we understand that survival in extreme preterm births is rare, it is always painful for the parents and family. We wish them the strength to cope with their loss.”

A Delhi government panel found on Tuesday that the hospital did not conduct electrocardiography to determine whether the baby was alive.

The panel also found that the babies were given to the parents without “any written instructions”, and that the twin that died was not separated from the one that survived. The committee will submit its final report to Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain later this week.