A look at the headlines right now:

  1. Rahul Gandhi officially declared Congress president: Maharashtra Congress state unit secretary Shehzad Poonawalla calls Gandhi’s elevation ‘Aurangzeb style coronation’.     
  2. Explosion at Manhattan’s Port Authority bus terminal, one suspect arrested: The New York Fire Department said four people were injured.  
  3. Manmohan Singh says Modi spreading falsehoods about Pakistan meddling in Gujarat polls: Earlier Rahul Gandhi told Modi to focus on Gujarat, after PM claims Pakistan is interfering in the elections.
  4. Financial resolution bill for banks will protect depositors, Jaitley says a second time in four days: Rumours are being spread about the bill, the finance minister said
  5. Women who accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct should be heard, says Nikki Haley: Her comments come at a time when several US lawmakers have stepped down after facing allegations of harassment.  
  6. Vladimir Putin orders partial Russia troop withdrawal from war-torn Syria: The Russian president passed the order during a surprise visit to the country.  
  7. Indian teenager who went to Australia for school games drowns in the sea in Adelaide: Emergency services rescued three 17-year-old girls and a 12-year-old girl from the water.
  8. Fisherpeople march to Raj Bhavan in Kerala demanding action to locate missing men after Cyclone Ockhi: Latin Catholic Church Head Archbishop Soosai Pakiyam said the Kerala fisheries department, marine enforcement and coast guard should coordinate operations.  
  9. Telugu actor Vijay Sai found dead in his apartment, police suspect suicide: The 38-year-old’s housekeeper found him hanging from the ceiling in his bedroom.  
  10. Movie theatres will open in Saudi Arabia in 2018, for the first time in 35 years: The cinemas are expected to contribute $24 billion to the economy and create 30,000 jobs.