A look at the headlines right now:

  1. CBI says it will challenge acquittal of the accused in 2G spectrum cases: Former Telecom Minister A Raja said the verdict proved that people with vested interests had ‘cooked up’ the ‘presumptive loss’ of Rs 1.76 lakh crore.  
  2. ‘We wanted a house of our own,’ says Muslim family in Meerut accused of ‘land jihad’: On Sunday, residents of a Hindu-dominated locality protested outside the new house they had bought in the neighbourhood, and did not let them enter.   
  3. Voting in RK Nagar bye-poll ends, over 73% turnout recorded: Earlier in the day, officials got complaints of electronic voting machines malfunctioning and voters being bribed.   
  4. Kulbhushan Jadhav not under immediate threat of execution, says Pakistan: Islamabad has given visas to his mother and wife to meet him ‘purely on humanitarian grounds’, the Foreign Office said.   
  5. Newly-elected Gujarat legislator from NCP arrested for beating up a police officer: Kandhal Jadeja and seven others were taken into custody after they damaged property at a Porbandar police station while looking for a political rival.   
  6. Tennessee woman delivers baby that grew from embryo frozen 24 years ago: Emma Wren Gibson grew from an embryo that was frozen just a year after her mother was born.   
  7. At least 20,000 trees burnt down allegedly by land-grabbers in Maharashtra’s Mangrul town: One lakh saplings were planted at the hillock only five months ago in a plantation drive. 
  8. Over 34% vote till 1 pm in snap election announced by the Spanish government in Catalonia: The results are expected on Thursday night.      
  9. 11-year-old girl from Mumbai dies after parents attempt black magic to cure her digestive disorder: The police arrested the child’s parents and aunt on Tuesday. 
  10. Australian Navy finds country’s first submarine after a 103-year search for the wreck: Twelve previous expeditions had failed to locate the vessel, but authorities said they had helped narrow down the site.