North Korea said on Saturday that it would never give up its nuclear weapons as long as the United States and its allies continue their “blackmail and war drills” at its doorstep, AP reported.

The state-run Korean Central News Agency said Pyongyang had taken steps to “bolster the capabilities for self-defence and pre-emptive attacks with nuclear force” in the face of a continued “nuclear threat and blackmail and war drills” by the United States and its “vassal forces” – referring to South Korea and Japan. The US and South Korea say these drills are being carried out for defensive purposes.

“Do not expect any change in North Korea’s policy. Its entity as an invincible power can neither be undermined nor be stamped out,” the agency said. The news agency accused US President Donald Trump of pursuing extremely hostile policies against Pyongyang and threatening it with pre-emptive strikes.

The Korean Central News Agency called Pyongyang an “undeniable new strategic state and nuclear power.” “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as a responsible nuclear weapons state, will lead the trend of history to the only road of independence,” it added, without clarification.