Beef traders in Goa will go on an indefinite strike from Saturday, to demand that the government take action against vigilante groups who harass them, IANS reported.

The only association of beef traders in the state alleged that such groups are a hindrance to them bringing beef from neighbouring states into Goa. The strike would go on until the government eases procedures to bring beef into the state, the association said.

“We are tired of these raids,” said Qureshi Meat Traders Association of Goa President Manna Bepari. “They are not allowing our business to function. Every other day, these groups target the beef consignments which we order from the open market in Karnataka and government officials also keep harassing us.”

Bepari said no beef would be sold in Goa until the government “helps us and stops these vigilant groups from taking law in their hands”.

Data from Goa Meat Complex shows the state consumes nearly 30 tonnes of fresh beef every day.