All government-run schools in Delhi will get CCTV cameras in every class soon. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday tweeted that all parents “will be given access to see his child studying in class on real-time basis on his phone”.

“This will make the whole system transparent and accountable,” he said on Twitter. “It will the ensure safety of kids.”

General Secretary of the Government School Teachers’ Association Ajay Vir Yadav told they knew of only one school in Delhi that had the network of CCTV cameras – a Sarvodaya Vidyalaya co-educational school in Pitampura. The association does not know when the plan is going to be rolled out, but have registered their protest against it as they believe this will interfere with teachers’ work, Yadav said.

This comes as good news for parents who have been concerned about the safety of their children in school since the murder of a Class 2 student in a school in Gugugram in September 2017. The 7-year-old was found with his throat slit inside the school bathroom. The autopsy revealed that injuries on the boy’s neck, inflicted by a sharp-edged weapon, were the cause of death. The juvenile accused of the murder was denied bail on January 8.