Security personnel at Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Tuesday caught a man posing as a faculty member and trying to get a patient admitted, PTI reported.

The medical institute has filed a police complaint and the man is in police custody.

Security personnel said the man, identified as Ram Kishan Gupta, was caught roaming inside the trauma centre asking junior resident doctors at the emergency ward to admit a patient. Gupta claimed he was a member of the faculty from of the orthopaedic department.

AIIMS chief security officer RS Rawat said Gupta was seen at the trauma centre with a patient on February 5, and once before that. “The security had some doubts when he came the last time, but he left before we could [verify],” Rawat said. “We then scoured CCTV footage, which showed he was not working at AIIMS.” Rawat said all guards and staff members were informed about the man. “On Tuesday, when he came to the emergency ward, we caught him.”

Gupta told the police that he finished studying medicine in 2006 at the University College of Medical Sciences in Delhi. “He confessed that he posed as a faculty member to get a relative treated,” a senior police official told PTI. The police have filed a case against Gupta.