Advertisements demanding the eviction of Rohingya refugees have started appearing in local newspapers in Jammu. Organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the National Panthers Party have issued these calls, The Indian Express reported on Monday.

“Rohingyas: a ticking time bomb. Evict them to save Jammu’’, read one advertisement. Another urged the people of Jammu to unite in the face of this threat.

These anti-Rohingya messages have increased since three militants attacked the family quarters of the Sunjuwan military station on February 10 and killed six soldiers and a civilian. They were later gunned down. A large number of Rohingya refugees live in civilian areas near the camp.

Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Speaker Kavinder Gupta, who is from the Bharatiya Janata Party, had alleged after the attack that Rohingya refugees had a hand in it. Later, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, too, had claimed that the “demography of the cantonment and adjoining areas indicates the possibility of local support to the terrorists”.

The National Panthers Party on Sunday protested in Jammu against the government’s refusal to deport the Rohingya refugees, Daily Excelsior reported.