The father of a teenager who has accused a sitting Bharatiya Janata Party MLA of raping her had 14 injuries on his body, including two recently broken teeth, abrasions on his jaws and a ruptured intestine, according to a postmortem report. The cause of death is listed as “septicaemia” and “perforation of colon”, NDTV reported on Tuesday.

The man died in judicial custody in Unnao on Monday, a day after his daughter tried to commit suicide outside Chief Minister Adityanath’s house as no action was being taken against MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar.

The postmortem report of the 55-year-old listed multiple abrasions near the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, above and below knee joints and arms – indicating that his death may have been caused by a physical assault. His gastrointestinal tract had also been severely infected.

The father was in judicial custody since April 4, after he got into a fight with the aides of the MLA’s brother, Atul Sengar. On Tuesday, the police arrested Atul Sengar and four others for thrashing the man.

After the autopsy findings, the police added murder charge to the FIR, The Times of India reported. “The sections mentioned in the initial FIR against Sengar Atul and his aides have been revised after the findings of the postmortem report,” Lucknow Inspector General P Sujeet Pandey told the daily.

Death from septicaemia reveals that the girl’s father was not given proper treatment in jail, after being injured in the scuffle with Atul Sengar. The Unnao district hospital doctors examined the man before he was sent to judicial custody and mentioned minor injuries in their report.