A look at the headlines right now:

  1. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu rejects impeachment motion against the chief justice of India: Kapil Sibal said he will not appear in Chief Justice Dipak Misra’s court until he retires.
  2. Narendra Modi to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 27 and 28 in Wuhan: This informal summit will be a new milestone in relations between the two countries, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi claimed.
  3. TCS becomes first Indian technology firm to hit $100 billion in market capitalisation: The company’s shares have risen ever since it announced the earnings for the January-March quarter last week.
  4. Former BJP election candidate arrested for allegedly molesting 9-year-old girl on train in Tamil Nadu: The party has said the 57-year-old is not an active member any more.
  5. I have no objection to the release of Jessica Lall’s killer, says sister Sabrina Lall: Manu Sharma had opened fire at Lall on April 30, 1999, when she refused to serve him alcohol at a restaurant in south Delhi.
  6. South Korea says it has stopped broadcasts across the border into North Korea ahead of talks: It is not known whether Pyongyang has reciprocated by halting its loudspeaker activity too.
  7. Indian academics in Australia ask Centre to crackdown on sexual crime after alleged Kathua rape: The letter said that crimes against minorities were being committed with impunity under the Narendra Modi-led government.
  8. 50 IIT alumni quit their jobs to form a political party, says report: The group has named the organisation ‘Bahujan Azad Party’ and is waiting for the Election Commission’s approval.
  9. Petrol, diesel prices hit another peak days after reaching 55-month high: On Sunday, petrol cost Rs 74.40 a litre in Delhi, Rs 77.10 in Kolkata, Rs 82.25 in Mumbai and Rs 77.19 in Chennai.
  10. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg to cover US dues after Washington’s withdrawal from Paris deal: The contribution aims to help poorer nations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.