At least two policemen were killed after suicide bombers attacked police stations in Afghanistan’s Capital Kabul on Wednesday, AP reported quoting Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak.

Eight suicide bombers took part in the two separate suicide attacks, Barmak added. While the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for one of the attacks, the Taliban said it was behind the other. These suicide bombings come just a week after two consecutive explosions killed 36 people in Kabul.

The minister said that two attackers belonging to the Islamic State hurled hand grenades and blew themselves up at a police station in western Kabul, injuring two policemen and a civilian. The police shot dead the third suicide bomber.

In the second attack, a suicide bomber belonging to the Taliban struck at the entrance of a police station in the central part of the city. Barmak said that a few attackers were holed up in a nearby building and firing at security forces.

Attacks on security personnel and civilians in Kabul have been on the rise since the Taliban announced the beginning of their spring offensive on April 25, reported Reuters.