Israeli military tanks shelled the Gaza Strip on Sunday, killing at least two Palestinians. Israeli military officials said Sunday’s attacks targeted an observation post manned by militants from the Islamic Jihad organisation, Al Jazeera reported. The militant group admitted that two of its men had been killed.

The deceased were identified as 25-year-old Hussein al-Amour and 28-year-old Abdul Haleem al-Naqa, the Palestinian health ministry said.

The Al-Quds Brigades group, which is linked to the the Islamic Jihad organisation, said it would retaliate for the killings, Haaretz reported. “We will not relent our duty towards the blood of those killed and know how we’ll react to this grevious escalation,” a statement by the group said.

The Israeli military said the attack was a response to an explosive being placed near the border fence, which burst while being dismantled. “The charge was placed last night near the border fence in the southern Gaza Strip in attempt to harm forces operating in the area. This was neutralized in the morning by the Israeli Defence Forces,” a military statement said.

Several people had died earlier this month in clashes between the Israeli military and Palestinian protestors, in demonstrations against the shifting of the United States embassy to Jerusalem. The embassy was earlier based in Tel Aviv. Palestine’s health ministry said around 2,400 Palestinians were injured in the clashes.