The body of a 30-year-old man was found hanging from a high-tension electric tower in West Bengal’s Purulia district on Saturday, reported ANI. This is the second such incident in the district within three days.

Dulal Kumar went missing since 8 pm on Friday. The family later informed the police when they found his motorcycle in the field. His body was spotted at 5.45 am on Saturday. Villagers later ransacked Deputy Superintendent of Police Atul Chatterjee’s vehicle.

The Bharatiya Janata Party claimed Dulal Kumar was a party worker. The party said he had actively worked in the recent panchayat election. BJP supporters also reportedly blocked the Balrampur-Baghmundi.

Kumar’s mother, however, said that they all support the Trinamool Congress, reported NDTV. She also dismissed suicide.

TMC leader Derek O’Brien demanded a thorough investigation. “We strongly condemn this despicable killing,” he said. “All angles must be probed. The perpetrators of this heinous act must be punished. What role did Jharkhand border have to play? What elements of Bajrang Dal, Maoist or BJP involved. Let the truth be found out through proper investigation.”

On May 30, a BJP worker in Balarampur in West Bengal’s Purulia district was found hanging from a tree. “This is for doing BJP politics from age 18,” read a message scrawled on 20-year-old Trilochan Mahato’s T-shirt and on a piece of paper found near his feet. “Been trying to kill you since the vote. Failed. Today you are dead.

The party claimed that it was a political murder linked to the violent civic body elections in the state earlier this month. “A young life full of possibilities was brutally taken out under state’s patronage,” BJP President Amit Shah tweeted, pointing a finger at the ruling Trinamool Congress. “He was hanged on a tree just because his ideology differed from that of state-sponsored goons.”

Local Trinamool Congress leader Shrishti Dhar Mahato alleged that the murder was linked to infighting within the BJP.