Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of giving scripted interviews and said it would be a “real embarrassment” if he did take “real questions”.

Gandhi made the remark in reference to a question Modi was asked during a discussion he took part in at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University on June 1. After Modi responded, in Hindi, to a question on addressing challenges faced by Asia, his English translator read out a passage which included facts that were not part of Modi’s answer, reported PTI. This prompted speculation that the questions and Modi’s answers were scripted.

“The first Indian PM who takes “spontaneous” questions that the translator has pre-scripted answers to!” tweeted Gandhi along with a video of Modi answering the question and the translator’s version. “Good that he doesn’t take real questions. Would have been a real embarrassment to us all if he did.”

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Sunday took a jibe at Modi with a tweet, “When the translator says what the PM was supposed to say, but didn’t.”