An Indian man based in Dubai was sacked by his employer on Wednesday for threatening to kill Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, reported The Khaleej Times. Krishnakumar SN Nair posted a provocative Facebook video that he later claimed was shot when he was in an inebriated condition.

Nair used to work as a senior rigging supervisor at Abu Dhabi-based Target Engineering Construction Company. Nair, who hails from Kerala, had been working with the company for four years, and had relocated to the UAE in 2017.

In his first video, Nair is seen threatening to kill Vijayan. He says he would soon travel to Kerala to carry out the act. In the nearly four-minute Facebook Live video on Tuesday night, Nair says: “I am a former Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh worker. I am going to be active again. I am resigning my job here and returning to Kerala. I am staying in Dubai. I will be in Kerala for 2-3 days with an aim to kill. It is time to sharpen old knives.” He is seen abusing Vijayan and commenting about his caste.

In another Facebook Live video, Nair apologised and said the earlier video was shot when he was drunk. “I am sorry and seek forgiveness from honourable Kerala chief minister and his family,” he said. “All Keralites please forgive me. I have lost my job. I am ready to face any action. I remain an RSS supporter. I seek forgiveness from Pinarayi Vijayan and all politicians.”

A senior human resources consultant of Target Engineering Construction Company said the action was in line with company policy, reported Gulf News. The executive said Nair misused the company premises to post the video. “The action was taken in keeping with our company policy which has zero tolerance for such behaviour,” the firm’s senior HR operations specialist said.