Haiti on Wednesday permanently banned the British unit of international charity organisation Oxfam from operating in the country after reviewing sexual misconduct allegations against some of its employees. The order does not apply to Oxfam’s Canada unit.

The order came four months after the government temporarily revoked its right to operate in the country. The government said the charity group was guilty of violating Haitian law “and serious violation of the principle of the dignity of the human beings”, Reuters reported.

Former aid workers of Oxfam – one of the United Kingdom’s biggest charities – are accused of paying for sex while on a mission to the Caribbean nation in 2011 to help those affected by the devastating earthquake the year before. The allegations made news in February after The Times published a report on it. Oxfam, too, released an internal investigation report from 2011 on the matter.

Oxfam has already fired four employees for “gross misconduct” and three were allowed to quit. Chief executive Mark Goldring resigned in May.

In a statement, Oxfam Great Britain said it was “disappointed but understands the Haiti government’s decision”, The Guardian reported.