The Ministry of Human Resource Development has notified new regulations on plagiarism, PTI reported on Friday. The University Grants Commission drafted the regulations, which were approved on March 20.

According to a gazette notification, students found to have plagiarised content 10% to 40% of their papers will have to submit a revised research paper within six months.

In case the similarities are between 40% and 60%, they will be barred from submitting a revised paper for a year. A student’s registration for a programme will be cancelled if the similarities are more than 60%.

Teachers found to have plagiarised 10% to 40% of their academic and research papers will be asked to withdraw their manuscripts. In case the similarities are between 40% and 60%, they will not be allowed to supervise new Masters, MPhil, PhD students for two years and will be denied the right to one annual increment, the notification stated.

The new regulations also say that a member of the academic community must report a case of plagiarism to the Departmental Academic Integrity Panel if they have enough evidence. This body will then investigate the matter and submit its recommendations to the Institutional Academic Integrity Panel of Higher Education Institutions.