A local court in Maharashtra’s Palghar district on Thursday ordered three men to clean the Western Railway’s Vasai railway station for three days after they performed the ‘Kiki Challenge’ in a moving train and posted the video online a week ago, PTI reported.

Canadian rapper Drake’s latest single In My Feelings has inspired thousands of dance videos with the #InMyFeelingsChallenge or the Kiki Challenge. Also called the Kiki Challenge, it involves jumping out of a moving car and dancing alongside while the song is playing. Police forces across the country have issued warnings to deter people from participating in this challenge.

The Railway Police arrested the three men, identified as Shyam Sharma, 24, Dhruv, 23, and Nishant, 20, on Wednesday. They shot the video, which has since gone viral at the Vasai station.

They were produced in Vasai railway court, which ordered them to clean all platforms of the station from 11 am to 2 pm and then create awareness among passengers about such hazardous stunts.

Sharma, who has worked in television serials, was arrested from a mall. He told the police about the whereabouts of the other two, who have a channel on YouTube.

They were arrested and charged under sections 145B (indecency or nuisance), 147 (entering railway premises or damaging property), 154 (endangering safety of passengers), and 156 (performing stunts) of the Indian Railway Act, an official said. Under these sections, a person can be imprisoned for up to a year and fined Rs 500.