Several moderate intensity earthquakes struck Jammu and Kashmir’s Ladakh, Assam and Haryana in last 48 hours, the India Meteorological Department reported on Wednesday. The tremors from the quake were felt in parts of Meghalaya, Bihar and West Bengal.

No casualties have been reported.

An earthquake of 4.6 magnitude hit Jammu and Kashmir’s Ladakh at 11.45 pm on Tuesday night. Another mild quake of 3.1 magnitude struck Jhajjar in Haryana at 12.13 am while an earthquake of 5.5 magnitude struck 2 km north of Assam’s Kokrajhar at a depth of 10 km at 10.20 am on Wednesday.

This comes two days after an earthquake of magnitude 3.4 struck Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. On Sunday, a mild quake of magnitude 3.8 hit Haryana. No loss of life or damage to property were reported from both the quakes.